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How to fit

Things to Consider Before you Start Fitting

Before you get to work on fitting your new blinds, make sure you consider these factors:

  • Is the surface that you’re fitting the blind onto an appropriate material?
  • Do you have children and/or pets? If so, remember that the drawstrings on your blinds could be dangerous and cause accidents.
  • Are there any obstructions that could hinder the opening and closing of your blinds?

Once you’ve taken these things into account, you can get started on putting your new blinds in place.

  • You will need: Electric drill, Screwdriver, Pencil

           pastedGraphic.png                 pastedGraphic_1.png            pastedGraphic_2.png

  • Fitting components: L-hooks (for face fixing only), Clips (brackets), Screws&plug, Child safety P clip

          pastedGraphic_3.png                 pastedGraphic_4.png                 pastedGraphic_5.png               pastedGraphic_6.png 

Part 1: Fitting the brackets

Place the brackets where you would prefer your blind to hang, whether that’s inside or outside your window recess.

But keep in mind – if the width of your blind is longer than 150cm, you must add an extra bracket to the middle. If it is longer than 220cm, use two extra brackets with equal distances. Whichever one applies, your first and last brackets must always be positioned 5cm inside from both ends.


For Top Fixing (to the ceiling):          

1-Position the brackets against the surface and make a mark out from the holes on the top of each bracket with your pencil.
2-Using your electric drill, make holes around 3cm deep with 6mm bid.
3-Secure the plugs into the holes.
4-Place the bracket on the plug and screw in using the screws provided.
Repeat the steps above for all of the brackets.



For Face Fixing (to the wall or the window frame):

1-Position the L-hook against the surface and make a mark with your pencil from the holes of the L-hook
2-Using your electric drill, make holes around 3cm deep with 6mm bid.
3-Secure the plugs into the holes.
4-Place the L-hook onto the plug and screw in using the screws provided.
5-Repeat the steps above for the rest of the L-hooks.
6-Place your bracket on the L-hooks in the same direction and turn it 90 degrees until it is fastened.



Part 2: Fitting the blind:         

1-Take your new blind and wind it up fully.
2-Secure your blind’s headrail to both brackets, starting from back to front.
3-Press up onto the headrail until you hear it click into place.
4-Then, check your new blind is working as it should by pulling on its chain to fully extend it.



Part 3: Fitting the safety device

1-Find the lowest point of your blind’s hanging chain.
2-Hook the chain onto the safety device, ensuring it securely holds the chain in place.
3- Place the screws on top of the holes, and drill gently until they are fully in place and the device is securely attached to the wall.




Young children can be strangled by chains that operate the product. Cords may become wrapped around a child’s neck. According to UK regulations, the chain must be mounted on the wall with a child lock. Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords.

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